Hello World!
I'm a Designer Developer, here in Calgary.

Kathleen Salvador Smith
My ultimate passion binds design and development. With this specialty I delve deep and create intuitive, ethical and beautiful user experiences. I aim to humanize all things digital. I use tools for efficiency, but I hone and develop skills needed for adaptability. I find no limitation to my imagination that fulfills an abundance of possibilities within a cross-functional team. Working hard is what I am and working smart is what I do. I give a paramount of importance of having the right kind of attitude that breeds an inspired work atmosphere. I live by a few principles that determines my strong work ethics and that is, to enjoy right now, be excited for tomorrow, work to impress yourself, less is simply efficient, succeed in failures, be unprejudiced and know strength in diversity. I additionally have an unapologetically curious mind which compels me to pick up several hobbies like scuba diving, wood burning, embroidery, playing the guitar and baking!

Proficient and specializes in

I can make things look pretty...AMAZING.

User Experience
I say, "If it doesn't answer your question, it's not done."

I create responsive websites with minimalist & functional UI.


Super quick, excellent communication, felt like we had been working for years together.

Andreas Schroeter
Munich, Germany

You are totally awesome to work with and I highly suggest others consider you for their project needs.

Kevin Grant

"Kathleen is professional, thorough and willing to do the extra bits that lift a project from a good experience to a great experience."

Joanne Flinn

I have used Kathleen numerous times and am very impressed by her work and the speed in which she completes tasks. Highly reccomended.

Kirsty Koopmans

Kathleen is one of the finest graphic designers I have worked with in a 20+ year marketing career. Her work and level of professionalism is outstanding.

Steven Smith
Crystal Lake, US

Kathleen is incredibly easy to work with. She is a true professional that provides high-quality work and is willing to quickly and accurately make adjustments until the product is complete.

Liz Weber
Pennsylvania, US

Fantastic to work with Kathleen, High Quality and fast turnaround times. This was my first upwork experience and it was flawless with Kathleen.

Craig Totten
Georgetown, Canada

Kathleen was such a life saver! We had a quick turn request from a client and Kathleen went above and beyond to make it happen. She is hands down the best freelancer we have ever worked with. Thank you Kathleen!

Grace Smith

Kathleen is a great person, a great person to work with and very passionate about her work. Kathleen's creativity, understanding of software, hard work and ability to converse with others produces great results.

Richard Osiowy

Kathleen was a dream to work with. She was quick in producing the work required taking into account samples of past work. This enabled us to turn around a professional looking report within a matter of days. I look forward to working with her again very soon.

Donna Hanson
Lower PLenty, Australia

Once again, I am very much pleased and satisfied with Kathleen's professional attitude towards delivering her work and really quality work I must say. She is a well disciplined and creative individual. Very much recommend her as a freelancer :D Thank you Kathleen!

Sofy Rahman

Kathleen is an incredibly gifted Graphic Artist and so much more. Her work ethic is incredible and her presentation of her work is impeccable. I have worked with Kathleen on numerous projects for multiple clients and she has always delivered on time and on budget. She is dependable, gifted, honest and incredibly creative. I would recommend her to all my colleagues and business clients as I truly value her work and work ethic. She is a very rare breed in today's market place.

Klaude Furlong